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▪ The prospect of the commercialization of Level-3 autonomous driving in China
▪ Intelligent and digital infrastructures are scheduled to accompany automatic vehic
▪ Will China illegalize VIEs?
▪ You cannot miss the gold rush under China's new Foreign Investment Law
▪ Data must stay in China to get tiered protection under Cyber Security Law
▪ China is to fast-track law-making in autonomous driving
▪ Chinese government uses digital forensics technology to dig bribery evidence
▪ A Chinese medical device distributor fined CNY 50,000 for bribing with Moutai
▪ How would Chinese E-commerce Law affect you (1)?
▪ Conflict between the culture and the Party’s rules: $70 gift money got a director
▪ "Excessive Pricing" from perspective of Competition Law
▪ Does China prohibit cross-border transfer of scientific data?
▪ Hypermarket Caesar jailed for ten years for giving “reward for go-between”
▪ How is environmental protection tax collected in China?
▪ China Redefined Bribery Anticompetitive in Nature
▪ China is to amend its Constitution
▪ Chinese government vowed to crack down on bribe givers more harshly
▪ China has its own Dodd-Frank; the award for whistleblower could be US$ 80K
▪ Chinese government may LIUZHI a suspect of wrongdoing
▪ Cooking clinical trial data is rampant and now criminally punishable in China
▪ 5th Viadrina Compliance Congress
▪ Does a compliance bird eat nothing?
▪ How Are Drugs Being Sold in China Despite the Anti-Corruption Crusading
▪ Chinese whistle-blower lauded while French boss fled out of China
▪ Life Sentence for Deputy Chief Justice of China
▪ Why Is Chinese Anti-bribery Law a Very Important Compliance Obligation?
▪ The Report on Corporate Compliance Management in China (2016)
▪ Use of "predictive coding" in eDiscovery document review…best friend or job replac
▪ Civil Fraud v. Criminal Fraud: Criminal Proceedings Not a Silver Bullet to Resolve
▪ Corrupt Chinese drug administrators jailed or executed, whose family members ended
▪ Tone from the middle cannot be ignored
▪ Is bribing a Chinese doctor bribing an FCPA governmental official?
▪ Criminal and Administrative Liability under China's Competition Laws
▪ Model Standards for Trade Association Compliance with China's AML
▪ Double Exposure to Legal Risk Under China's Competition Laws: Comments Upon the Ex
▪ New Privacy Standards for New Data
▪ Chinese Police Are Foxhunting Corrupt Officials
▪ Transfer of Personal Data Overseas from Singapore: Recent Enhanced Provisions
▪ New Guidance on Antitrust Notifications in China
▪ China Issued the Standards on the Quality Management of Using Medical Devices (Dra
▪ China Imposes Harsher Liabilities for Environmental Non-Compliance
▪ GSK Faces Two Corruption Fights in East and West
▪ European Court of Justice Abrogates Data Retention and Allows Data Detention
▪ China Is to Adopt Risk-based Supervisory Rules on Medical Devices
▪ China to Set Food & Drug Police
▪ Don't Put All Medical Eggs into One Blacklisted Basket
▪ Payments to the Coffer of SOEs Are Bribes
▪ The European Directive on Consumer Rights
▪ China's New Labour Dispatch Regulations
▪ Investigate investigators
By Henry Chen | Tue,16 Apr 2019 09:22:47

1. Baidu joins hands with Guangzhou Automobile, formally launching the high-precision map and self-localization mass production project

2. Amap’s “High-precision Declaration”, service upgrading promotes the critical commercializing period of autonomous driving

3. Autonomous driving will be fully realized in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games

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By Henry Chen | Thu,11 Apr 2019 23:40:01

Boao Forum for Asia (“BFA”) was held on March 26 to 29, 2019. Its sub-forum — 5G: The achiever of Internet of Things — talks about the 5G development.  The participants of this forum believed 5G development should be open, cooperative, globally unified and integrated with existing industrial facilities.

Miao Wei, the Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”), said at BFA that the MIIT and Ministry of Transport (“MOT”) had reached a consensus that the government would devote itself to promoting the research on vehicle networking, and speeding up the intelligent and digital revolution on the highways in China.

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By Henry Chen | Fri,22 Mar 2019 23:06:01

China passed the Foreign Investment Law ("FIL").  Among many excitements to Chinese and non-Chinese investors, there is a great news or heart balm that the FIL did not illegalize the “variable interest entity” structure or VIEs as the Foreign Investment Law (draft) suggested.  VIEs have been the investment structure of choice for foreign investors to navigate through the grey areas of PRC law on foreign direct investment for over two decades.   It remains to see that many VIEs will be continuously structured to turn around the areas not available for non-Chinese investors, and if the Chinese government will illegalize them in China.  The article is not legal opinion and for registered members only.  

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By Henry Chen | Wed,27 Feb 2019 23:13:09

The Foreign Investment Law reflects a win-win resolution from the Sino-US trade friction.  With the adoption of the draft Foreign Investment Law, there will be a new gold rush attracting all different kinds of foreign investors coming into the Chinese market.

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By Henry Chen | Sat,26 Jan 2019 18:00:43
Under China’s Cyber Security Law (“CSL”),there are compliance obligations or privileges.  Obligation means the basic requirements to meet, any short of which will subject you to punishment.  Privilege means the extra benefits nice to have, any short of which could make you less competitive.  Tiered protection (“TP”) is a mechanism that is both obligation and privilege.  To be certified under TP, you would have prima facie evidence that your network system meets the basic safety requirements under the CSL. 

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By Henry Chen | Thu,24 Jan 2019 23:39:32

When talking about the important part of national security, like science and technology, Xi pointed out that China should pace up with launching of preemptive alerting and monitoring system for science and technology security.  Especially, he called on fast-tracking the law-making in AI, gene editing, medical diagnosis, autonomous driving, unmanned aerial vehicles, service robots and other fields.

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By Henry Chen | Wed,28 Nov 2018 23:07:36
When transferring data out of China, many MNCs began to be mindful of their obligations to comply with China's Cyber Security Law.  However, not all of them realized that they have some other compulsory obligations to comply such as state secrets law, competition law, law on protecting commercial secrets, criminal law in relation to personal identifiable information ("PII").

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By Henry Chen | Wed,17 Oct 2018 10:49:45
Recently, the Market Supervision Bureau ("MSB") of Longwan District of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, imposed an administrative punishment on a pharmaceutical company for commercial bribery.  The pharmaceutical company offered its VIP customers and some other key customers free trips to Sanya (a famous seaside resort in China).  This is the first commercial bribery case in pharmaceutical field in Wenzhou City since the implementation of the new Anti-Unfair Competition Law (an administrative law about bribery in China).

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